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Random foods

Recently I was sorting through pictures on my phone and found various random food photos. Pictures I’d taken with intention of blogging about them. Life has been busy and as you may have noticed, my blogging has slowed down. So, instead of four blog entries, I thought I’d just post them all together.


Fabiani’s is a cute little Italian restaurant with two locations – the main one (which includes an amazing bakery) in Kihei, the second in Wailea Gateway Plaza (same shopping center as Monkey Pod). I can’t remember anymore which pizza this was, perhaps the Kula Fields? Vegetarian nonetheless, and so good.


Monkey Pod

The Monkey Pod is a very popular Wailea restaurant. Personally, I’m not that taken by it, but have heard about their lilikoi foam mai tais from several people. Naturally I had to try it. It was good. Yum. By the way – lilikoi is a passion fruit!

lilikoi foam mai tai


Eskimo Candy

Poke is popular in Hawaii – raw marinated fish (often ahi). A poke bowl is poke served over hot rice. Eskimo Candy is a small take-out place tucked into industrial Kihei, across from NAPA Auto Parts. Their poke bowl is one of the best – I love that there are four different varieties plus a scoop of seaweed salad over rice. It is truly yummy and with the rice quite filling.

Eskimo Candy’s poke bowl


Bistro Molokini

We’ve eaten pupu (appetizer) and dinner here a few times. Slightly more casual restaurant at the Grand Wailea, right next to one of their pools. We’ve had several items on their menu, the poke nachos, the steak (so good), scallops and this is the ahi. Delicious.

Togarashi Seared Ahi
Brigit and Bernard’s

Maui’s only German/Swiss restaurant, this favorite is located in industrial Kahului. Brigit and Bernard’s lanai (patio) is loud with local traffic, but if you must have German food, you go anyway. Service is friendly and the food is good. I had the Wednesday chicken special – it was so good! Every week day they have 3-4 specials – go and check their board, they don’t update their website or facebook regularly. Oh, and they throw Oktoberfest parties all October!

Wednesday chicken special with roesti
Mystery slider

I wish I could remember where we had this – just looking at the picture, my mouth is watering. If you’ve ordered this, let me know. I’m guessing maybe Gannons Red Bar or Manoli’s, but…. I honestly don’t remember.

pork slider – sadly I can’t remember where we had this
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Sushi and Poke

Maui is of course known for its fish – both raw and cooked. I will not pretend that I know much about sushi and poke at all. Let’s just say – I just enjoy eating it.

Sushi you’ve heard of, but what is poke? Poke is raw marinated fish (usually ahi). If you don’t mind the texture of raw fish or have shellfish allergies, do try it. It is absolutely amazing.

Here are some of my favorite places for raw fish…

sushi and poke
Koiso sushi platter
Koiso Sushi Bar

Our neighbors invited me to join them at Koiso Sushi Bar a few weeks ago. This is a tiny restaurant that seats less than 20 people in Kihei’s Dolphin Plaza (same building as Pizza Hut). You must make reservations usually several weeks ahead of time.

I could not tell you what this platter is called – but I loved the selection and it was really good. Thank you to our neighbors for a lovely dinner treat!

sushi and poke
The Miso Phat sushi bar has a cool vibe
Miso Phat Sushi

This is a new sushi bar in Central Kihei that according to social media is very good. I wasn’t sure what to order and got the poke bowl (poke and rice). While not my favorite poke (I prefer more sauce), the ahi was incredibly fresh. Wow.

My poke bowl at Miso Phat sushi – incredibly fresh ahi
sushi and poke
The deli section at Makawao’s Rodeo General Store
Rodeo General Store (Makawao)

This is a take-out deli on Baldwin Avenue. While I’ve had sandwiches there before (which are great), this was my second time trying their poke bowl. They only have a few kinds (on my day they had two), but it is truly great! Your choice of brown or white rice. Very reasonably priced.

Curious to try poke but not ready to commit? Go to Foodland. This is my favorite grocery store place to get poke. They will let you sample a few of their selections (and they have lots).

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Gannon’s Happy Hour

Gannon's Happy Hour

After yesterday’s Junior PGA golf game, we decided we needed to reward ourselves with Gannon’s Happy Hour.

Gannon’s is one of our favorite lunch spots in Wailea. It is located on the beautiful Wailea Emerald and Gold golf courses with a stunning view of the ocean and Molokini.

On Maui lunch is typically the more reasonable time to eat out and that definitely applies at Gannon’s – lunch is significantly cheaper than dinner. However, Gannon’s Happy Hour is even more reasonable than lunch. The caveat is that you need to sit in their Red Bar area.

They have significantly increased the Gannon’s Happy Hour menu since the last time I went. There were 8 makai (to the sea) and 10 mauka (to the mountain) choices.

I ordered the poke bowl. This is a bowl of raw marinated chunks of ahi (tuna), onions and avocado on a bed of rice. It is honestly delicious.

Gannon's Happy Hour

My son claimed the burger (naturally). He said it was great – though the double kobe burger on the lunch menu is a bit better (the Gannon’s Happy Hour burger is cheaper).Gannon's Happy Hour

Before seeing the size of our pupu (appetizers), we also ordered the volcano fries. These are amazing – roasted garlic and seaweed crumbles topped with sriracha mayo.

Gannon's Happy Hour

While the volcano fries were delicious, the size of our poke bowl and burger would have filled us just fine. The cookies and ice cream desert was definitely over the top. But the cookies were delicious.

Did you say Junior PGA?

Why yes. Maui has several junior PGA teams. The teams have been formed and are currently practicing for their tournament starting later this month. Check out this blog post on kids golf lessons.

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Dinner at a resort restaurant – the Bistro Molokini


Recently Sig surprised me with reservations at one of the Grand Wailea resort restaurant, the Bistro Molokini.

Molokini bistro
Caesar salad with grilled opa

I enjoy trying out new-to-me restaurants. There’s always a dual purpose to that – I get to try a new place, and if it’s good, I blog about it (and can write off a portion of the meal). Now there’s a win-win.

He had seen it a while back when we were at the Grand Wailea for their luau and thought it looked good.

Molokini Bistro

I wasn’t sure what to expect. The resort restaurant is located right next to the hotel’s adult pool, however when we arrived around 7PM there was noone in the pool that we could see. The restaurant seems casual, though there were signs about needing to cover up and wear shoes.


The food and service were good. I had the Caesar salad with a tasty grilled white fish (Opa), Sig enjoyed the scallops. Our friends had the shrimp flat bread and the Brie burger, all very good.

molokini bistroThe Grand Wailea is one of several ocean-front Wailea resorts. There is no free parking, although if you eat at one of their restaurants, you can get your valet ticket validated (do tip the parking staff though). It’s a large resort, and thankfully they have maps and signs around the property. You walk through the large and beautiful lobby, take the stairs or elevator outside and walk direction ocean.

The pools and valet parking

If you were wondering…. the only way to get access to the Grand’s pools and water slides is to rent a room. Even then, the registered guests are wrist-banded. You absolutely need a wrist-band to use the pools.

Interesting side-note. When the valet returned our vehicle, we noticed for the second time (we are at the luau recently also) that the radio was set to one of the Hawaiian stations. Nice touch.

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The new Coconuts restaurant in Kihei

one of the amazing fish tacos at Coconuts

If you’ve been to Maui before, you may have been to the small (but good) Coconuts Fish Cafe in Azeka plaza. They have the best fish tacos – at least in my humble opinion. I think what really makes it is the mango on top. Yum.

A few months ago they opened a second location in South Kihei’s Kamaole Plaza. This is a strip mall across from Kamaole II beach. The old Denny’s used to be in here. This shopping plaza also has a Whaler’s Village, the Cinnamon bun place (yum), Maui Ocean Arts (a really neat artisan souvenir shop), the Nail Bar, an ice cream store etc. etc. This strip mall is next to Rainbow Plaza (home of Cafe o Lei).

Inside the new restaurant

Yesterday we had two condo check-ins. After doing some land-lordy things at our Palms at Wailea condo (involving a screw driver and the shower drain – I’ll leave it at that), I treated my son to lunch at Coconuts. He’s not much of a fish lover and had the burger (meh). I of course had the fish tacos which were fabulous (you get two).

Unlike the Azeka location, this new Coconuts is huge with lots of its cool surfboard tables. While Azeka is usually packed and you have to wait for and share a table, this location was half empty. So if you’re craving Coconuts fish flavors, come here! They are also open for breakfast (with a separate breakfast menu).

After lunch we stopped at the Cinnamon bun fair (downstairs) for desert straight out of the oven (cash only store)!

cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven
Recognize this guy?

Then over to our Kihei Surfside condo to change out some towels and prep it for our arriving guests. Guests at Kihei Surfside will recognize the turtle statue next to the oceanfront pool. He’s prepped and ready for the St Patty’s Day party on the 17th. Tickets and signups are at the Kihei Surfside office. By the way – this isn’t the only turtle at Kihei Surfside. You can often see turtles swimming just off the rocks at this location (access the water at Keawakapu beach in front of the Mana Kai if you want to go snorkeling).

the turtle at Kihei Surfside is dressed for St Patty’s day
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How to eat at Ruth Chris’ steak house for less

If you like steak, you may want to check out Ruth Chris’ steak house while on Maui. There are two – one at the Shops at Wailea, the second in Lahaina at the Old Lahaina Center (on Front Street).

However, you may be a little shocked at how expensive Ruth Chris’ is. You order your meat (avg $50), the sides are all extra.

shops at wailea
Ruth Chris’ at the Shops at Wailea location

We recently decided to take one of our steak-loving family members as a very special birthday treat. Here’s what we found:

There is an early-bird Prime Time menu. Make reservations and arrive between 5-6pm and you can select from a 3 course prix-fixe menu for $49 or $59. Considering the meat alone usually averages upwards of $50, plus $12 or so per side, this is a great deal. You get a choice of two salads, three entrees (filet, chicken and fish of the day), one side (potato, creamed spinach etc), and desert.

Also, there is a happy hour menu. For this I believe you have to arrive at 5pm and it appears it may be first-come first-serve. I recommend you call and ask for details.

For further savings, go to Costco. The Kahului Costco currently has $100 Ruth Chris gift cards on sale for $80. This gives you an additional 20% discount.

If you prefer to eat later and are staying at one of our condos, be sure to take along the Pueo discount card from the condo (this one is for the Wailea location only). We have these in all our condos for our guests to use, but they are also available for purchase at Kihei’s Kamalii Elementary School for $10. The 2016/17 discount card gives you a 15% discount, though not on the Prime Time menu and not on holidays.

How was dinner?

The steak was great, the atmosphere upscale and nice. Our steak-lover loved his steak (apparently it’s better than my cooking). It was a fun treat.

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Pupu at Wailea Kitchen and Tap


Wailea Kitchen
tennis court and ocean view

The Wailea Tennis Club has a restaurant again! This is the former location of Joe’s (part of the Bev Gannon restaurant family), then Joe’s Nuevo (or something like that). After sitting empty for months, it has reopened as the Wailea Kitchen and Tap. Rumor has it, the owners of the golf course just decided to open his own restaurant. Not sure if that’s accurate information.

Regardless, the Wailea Kitchen and Tap has just had their soft opening – yes, they are still playing with the menu. For the most up to date information, check their Facebook page. We decided to give it a try after tennis lessons.

Wailea KitchenThe service was good, the food was great, the prices very reasonable especially for Wailea. We didn’t sample from the bar, so I can’t comment on that. There are several TV monitors for the sports enthusiasts and a long bar at which to enjoy the game. There’s a great view of the tennis courts.

Where exactly is this? The Wailea Tennis Club are tucked in above the Shops at Wailea, just below the new Marriott Residences, Matteo’s and next to the Grand Champions. As you drive up the driveway, there is a parking lot on the right. You then follow the small signs through some landscaping to the tennis courts. You can’t miss it there. It is a short walk from the parking lot to the tennis courts.

Yes, we’ll be back!

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A new Coconuts, re-opened Three’s and more Maui restaurant news

It’s been a while, here is the Maui restaurant news!


Have you had Coconuts fish tacos yet? They are so very delicious. But if you’ve tried to get them, you may have had to eat them standing up! No problem, Coconuts has opened a large second location in Kamaole Shopping Center, in the old Chinese restaurant location above Whalers Village (next to where the old Denny’s used to be). They are open daily 11am-9pm!

Three’s Bar & Grill

Three’s in Kalama Village has recently reopened following an early morning kitchen fire. Hooray! Also, have you checked out their food truck?

Fork and Salad

Fork and Salad opened this summer in the old Stella Blue’s location in Azeka Shopping Center. This is part of the Three’s Bar & Grill ’empire’. Check it out – I’ve heard great things about it too!

808 Bistro

They’ve been around for quite a while, but… I just found out they are open for lunch! They are tucked in behind Fred’s Mexican along South Kihei Road. We haven’t been forever – definitely time to check them out again!

Pint & Cork

This upscale sports bar with great burgers opened at the Shops at Wailea this past summer. I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket… We’ve tried going a few times, but something always came up. I will report back once we finally go!

And coming soon… the Wailea Kitchen and Tap

Remember the restaurant at the Wailea tennis club? Joe’s and then Joe’s Nueva closed over a year ago. We’ve seen activity at the restaurant location for the past few months now, and according to the guys coming in and out – they are set to open soon!

What is your favorite restaurant? We’d love to know – and would be happy to post it in our next Maui restaurant news blog!

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A few Maui lunch places

Here are a few places I’ve enjoyed a Maui lunch at in the past few months.

Seascape Restaurant
Maui lunch
The view of Maalaea Harbor from the Seascape Restaurant

New to me – the Seascape Restaurant, attached to the Maui Ocean Center. You do not need to pay admission, there is a separate non-ocean center entrance. The restaurant has a beautiful view of Maalaea Harbor.

For lunch I had the fresh ahi poke with kim chi, served on a bed of salad (not rice – this is different). It was great. We also shared a side of sweet potato fries. Oh yum. They were amazing.

Coconuts Fish Cafe

Maui lunchSig and I had an expiring gift certificate for Coconut’s Fish Cafe. This is a little place located in Central Kihei’s Azeka Plaza with surfboard tables and benches and named after the owner’s cat (Coconut). They are known for their fish tacos which are amazing while Sig prefers the more traditional fish and chips. Coconut’s has a lease on the old Denny’s across from Kamaole II beach. The sign says they will be opening there in the next few months. I am not sure if they are moving the restaurant or will have two locations in Kihei.

Tin Roof
Maui lunch
mochiko chicken on hapa rice

I had a quick working lunch at Top Chef Sheldon Simeon’s new lunch stop Tin Roof on Dairy Road in Kahului. Sheldon Simeon used to be at Star Noodle in Lahaina, then Migrant at the Andaz. This spring he started his restaurant, a tiny take-out lunch place with five bar stools, open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm. Yes, it is take-out. Portions are decent, prices good, the flavors amazing. Order ahead on their squareup page, or go in to order (there is a secret menu I am told, that you have to ask about, but then you’ll have to wait).

By the way, Sheldon Simeon will be back on the new season of Top Chef (airing beginning December 1) with former contestants competing against newbies!

Maui lunch
Gannons poke bowl

Last week we had family visiting in town. We all love Gannon’s for lunch – you just can’t beat the view from the golf course (Gold and Emerald Course in Wailea), overlooking the ocean and Molokini. The restaurant isn’t air-conditioned, but somehow they always have a nice breeze on their lanai. I tried their poke, the others had the Grilled Salmon Stack, Double Kobe Cheeseburger (amazing fries) and fish tacos. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

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Maui Restaurant News and Events

maui restaurant newsThis week is Kapalua Restaurant Week! Copying Wailea’s restaurant week, Kapalua Restaurants are offering prix-fixe 3 course menus ($29/$39/$49) this week. What a great way to check out some of Kapalua’s fine restaurants.

By the way, have you checked out Kihei’s popular Cow Pig Bun restaurant, across from the Maui Brewing Company in the Maui Tech Park (in Kihei)? Go there! They’ve been getting some great yelp reviews. Looks like they have some new items on their menu – their burgers are amazing! They are open for lunch and dinner – this is a great option if you are not a food truck fan (the Maui Brewing Company does not serve food but instead had food trucks for lunch and dinner).

I was chatting with the owner of Cow Pig Bun yesterday and she tells me her husband has recently opened a new Italian restaurant in Kapalua – the Taverna! Taverna is part of Kapalua Restaurant Week this week, great time to check out their menu!

Wailea’s Irish pub, Mulligans on the Blue, has partnered up with Elvis impersonator Darren Lee ~ they are hosting a new Saturday night Elvis dinner & show! Are you a closet Elvis lover? Not quite willing to commit to driving up to Lahaina for his regular Elvis shows? Why not check him out at Mulligans? Dinner and a show is $60, or come just for the show for $25 (they have a great bar). This is a great setting with sunset views! Please make reservations! By the way, they have entertainment almost every night.

maui restaurant newsPopular Coconuts Fish Cafe in Kihei’s Azeka Plaza is preparing to open a new location at the old Denny’s location across from Kamaole II park. The sign says they will be opening the new store this winter. I don’t know if they plan to keep their Azeka store. Have you visited them yet? Those fish tacos are amazing!

Chez Meme, the cute French bistro in Kihei’s industrial area, closed this summer.

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