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June 2-9 Cancellation Special!

I just had a call from a guest who needs to cancel his June 2-9, 2017 booking at our beautiful Maui Kamaole I-103 condo!

Maui Kamaole
Welcome to Maui Kamaole I-103

How about a Maui getaway? We just renovated this condo this past fall. It is an over-sized one bedroom, two bathroom condo. California king bed in the bedroom and a queen Murphy bed (the kind that hides in the cabinet) in the over-sized living. No need to sleep on a pull-out couch!

Sleeps 4 guests.

$160/night plus $135 cleaning and 13.417% tax. Minimum stay is 4 nights.

Call 808-281-7934 to book, or send me an email!

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What should be on your Maui packing list

Currently there’s an interesting discussion thread on Tripadvisor’s Maui forum that I thought I’d expand on. When you book a vacation rental condo on Maui, what can you expect to find and what should you bring from home? What should be on your Maui packing list?Maui packing list

Vacation rentals and what is provided can vary greatly across the US and Canada. On Maui you can generally expect to find the following in a fully furnished vacation rental condo:

  • bedding
  • towels
  • beach towels
  • a starter pack of paper towel, toilet paper, trash bags and soap
  • dishes, pots and pans, small kitchen appliances

Beyond that it really depends on the owner, management company and cleaner. Some have a bare cupboard policy, others allow certain things to be left behind by guests. It’s a good idea to ask the owner/management company.

If you are staying at one of our Maui Oceanview Condos’ apartments, you will also find the following:

  • beach chairs, boogie boards, cooler (no umbrella unless left by a guest)
  • laundry soap/fabric softener
  • dish washer pods
  • tin foil, plastic wrap
  • fully stocked spice rack, salt & pepper
  • small DVD library (and a dedicated condo netflix account)
  • hair dryer
  • small book library
  • Maui guide book
  • power bar (to charge electronics)
  • laundry drying rack
  • basic cleaning supplies

Our policy is to evaluate things left behind by guests – we will leave some cooking oil and condiments if they look to be in good shape. If you are a guest and think something is questionable, please throw it out.

Your Maui packing list

Things you may consider bringing if you have room in your luggage:

  • a few ziploc baggies (for leftovers, snacks, your cell phone at the beach, to pack that wet swim suit on your last day)
  • extra trash bags (we provide 3-4)
  • your favorite bar of soap, shampoo/conditioner
  • sunscreen and after-sun care product
  • your favorite spices (a couple spoonfuls in a ziploc bag in checked luggage)
  • a few extra rolls of toilet paper (we supply 2 rolls/toilet)
  • a swim suit or two and a favorite beach cover-up if desired
  • casual clothing and shoes (even at the fancy restaurants all you need is a pair of khakis and Hawaiian-style top or a cute sundress).

But guess what? If you forget anything, we have stores here! You can just easily run out and buy it!

Maui packing list
Are you missing the beach?
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Frequently asked security questions

I thought it might be helpful to address some of your security questions. If you have any others you’d like me to address, or if you have first hand experience with any of these (and better answers), please let me know.

This post is not to scare you. Maui is a very safe place to visit. But, please use common sense, just as you would at home.

What do you do with your phone and keys when you go to the beach?
I love sunset at the beach!

Is it safe to just leave them with your towel? Honestly, don’t take anything of value to the beach. If you must bring your phone (I know, it doubles as our camera, book, etc), make sure someone stays with your stuff when you go in the water. Or, pick up a water proof case, either at home or at the ABC store. I know of people who have used ziploc bags to protect their phones when going paddle boarding. Would I? Probably not… If you are staying at one of our condos, we have keyless entry, so it’s just the car key you need to worry about.

Is it safe to leave valuables in the rental car?

Would you leave valuables in the car where you live? Probably not. If you must, maybe because you can’t check into the condo til 3 or 4pm or because you have a late flight and couldn’t get a late check-out, place everything in the trunk of the car and do not open the trunk to get things out (in case anyone is casing your vehicle). If you are renting a jeep, there is no trunk, everything is visible (and accessible if it’s a soft-top). In six years of living here, we haven’t had a vehicle break-in, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

A few years ago I wrote this post on ‘What to do about late check-out at your condo?‘ Have a read. Did you know, most flights to Canada and a surprising number of flights back to the mainland leave in the evening? Check-out at our condos is at 11 AM.

Is it safe to leave valuables in the condo?

Generally yes. But, know that there are others who by necessity have access to the condo. The owner, the property manager (in the case of our condos, we are the owner and property manager), the cleaning lady and the manager of the complex you are staying at (they need to have access in case of emergencies and for the quarterly pest-control treatments). If you are staying at our condos, we have personal safes for you to use (I have an override key should you forget the code or the battery randomly dies). Otherwise, I recommend just placing your valuables in a drawer or at least out of sight. It’s happened a few times where I’ve had to go into one of our ground-floor condos (with guest consent) to repair something, and seen the blinds wide open and laptops, ipads, phones and once even a wallet just laying out. When staying in a ground floor condo especially, please don’t do that. It’s asking for a break-in. At minimum close the blinds when you leave.

Is it safe to walk at night?

You may have noticed, it is really dark on Maui at night. Why is this? Power is super expensive here and street lighting isn’t cheap. On the plus side, it makes for some great star viewing. Generally the tourist areas especially are quite safe to be walking at night. But use common sense. I also strongly recommend taking a flashlight. A few years ago I didn’t see the edge of the sidewalk – ouch. I was walking with crutches for over a month.

All in all, Maui is a pretty safe place to be. But like most places, we also have drug and homeless problems and crimes of opportunity do happen. A little common sense will help you have a great vacation – I’d hate for you to have a negative experience because of something preventable.

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Last minute opening at Maui Kamaole!

We’ve had a last minute cancellation at our newly remodeled Maui Kamaole condo. The dates available are October 16-26, 2016. Stay a week or longer for $155/night (down from $179 regular rate) plus cleaning and tax. The discounted weekly rate is $1383.68. Shorter stays are $169/night plus cleaning and tax (four night minimum). (The new rates are not reflected in the website’s price quote).

Please send me an inquiry through the website and I’ll get you set up for a quick last minute Maui trip! We’d love to show off our newly remodeled condo.

Newly remodeled? Yep! We are done and our first post-remodel guest is staying at the condo!

What did we do?

  1. We pulled out the original kitchen, took out a wall (had to move some plumbing and electrical in the process), put in maple cabinetry, subway style backsplash and quartz counter top. We have a new stainless French door fridge and a new stainless dishwasher. I replaced the red with modern white dishes. Went through my inventory list and made sure we had absolutely every gadget, pot, skillet, covered dish etc that is on our list. We also have a good selection of small appliances, so hopefully you can cook whatever it is you want to (or blend drinks!)

    last minute
    The newly remodeled kitchen
  2. We took out the storage room and enlarged the main bathroom. The original bathroom had a shower stall and was just awkward and small. The new bathroom has a huge walk-in shower and just lots of room to get ready.

    last minute
    A huge modern bathroom for the family to get ready in (no worries, there’s a separate master bath for the adults)
  3. We replaced the master bath cabinetry also and added a second sink so couples each have their own space to get ready. We also replaced the bedroom furniture and hung new art.

    last minute
    Does this look comfortable? Hopefully not too comfortable – you want to go hit the beach, don’t you?
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Almost finished with our Maui Kamaole reno!

We are getting there! The Maui Kamaole reno is almost done! The kitchen is basically finished, the new stainless Frigidaire fridge and dishwasher installed…

maui kamaole reno

I do love how the cabinets and quartz counter turned out. The kitchen feels larger. There used to be a wall at the end of what is now the island. We took out that wall and pushed the island out by about 8 inches, so the kitchen is roomier. I can’t wait to clean and reorganize the kitchen on Thursday. Even more exciting – to have all the kitchenware leave our home office! Our office has been a bit of a war zone since starting the Maui Kamaole reno.

The new bedroom furniture has arrived – not visible in the picture is the new dresser. This mahogany bedroom set has a stalk of bamboo carved into it. Unique.

maui kamaole reno

I’ve purchased bedroom art for above the bed. Recognize this?

maui kamaole reno

I picked up three prints from the Rachael Ray gallery on Dairy Road in Kahului. Rachael, no not the famous chef, is one of my favorite local artists (closely tied with Beth Cooper who has fun colorful paintings – and helps Cindy clean our condos!). I love this ti leaf series, and Rachael helped me choose which ones to buy. The plan is to hang these above the bed. Color-wise they will tie in nicely with another art piece that we already had in the bedroom.

Once the contractors finish tomorrow, I’ll re-arrange everything and have a clearer picture of what goes where. I also picked up a throw pillow to give the lazy Ikea chair a splash of color.

The bathroom has been expanded, having removed a storage room, we now have a huge walkin shower and so much more room! I don’t have a wide-angle camera lens, but this picture gives you a hint.

maui kamaole reno
I honestly can’t wait to see this condo put together again! No more remodels for me! Well…. actually there is some work I’d like to get done around our house. Maybe next year!

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What’s the update on the Maui Kamaole remodel?

As you may remember, we are working on our Maui Kamaole remodel. We bought this condo in October 2010 and did some work during the summer of 2011. At the time we had stripped the old popcorn ceiling, expanded and re-tiled the lanais, installed a split-system A/C, replaced all doors and trim, bought new mattresses, replaced the master bath tub and re-tiled.

Maui Kamaole remodel
The kitchen without cabinets and with the end wall taken out!

This summer we had another agenda – the kitchen and bathroom cabinets have been pulled out and are being replaced. We also took out the storage room wall and expanded the main bathroom. It used to be tight and cramped, now we have a giant walk-in shower.

How is the remodel going? Great! Our contractor Armando tells us we are on schedule to finish September 19th. The new cabinets, quartz counter tops and sinks are installed. The main bathroom is tiled (waiting for grout).

Maui Kamaole remodel
The kitchen with its new cabinets at our Maui Kamaole remodel!
Maui Kamaole remodel
The new quartz counters and kitchen sink are in place!
Maui Kamaole remodel
New empty kitchen cabinets – waiting to be cleaned and filled!

We’ve been shopping this week. We bought:

  • a new stainless steel fridge and dishwasher
  • a new bedroom suite
  • new dishes, glass ware and some additional cutlery (some pieces had gone missing).

The post-construction clean has been scheduled for September 23rd. Sig and I will spend a lot of time setting things up, organizing and buying last minute items (like a few new area rugs). I have to talk with Dave about shampooing the living room furniture and cleaning the blinds. And then of course I’ll have to schedule Steve to take new pictures for the website. I can’t wait! It’ll be great and ready for our first guests end of September!

Maui Kamaole remodel
bird or paradise blooming outside our Maui Kamaole condo I-103


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Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester

There are two hurricanes headed towards Hawaii. Hurricane Madeline is scheduled to arrive Wednesday/Thursday while Hurricane Lester will be here for the weekend.

It’s hurricane season in the Central Pacific (June through November). Hey Cara, I thought El Nino was over and this was supposed to be an easier summer. Yeah, I thought so too.

Hurricane Madeline has now been upgraded to a Category Four storm and is headed for Big Island, currently showing to veer off to the South of us. It is scheduled to hit Big Island Wednesday, which means it could be impacting us on Maui then or by Thursday.

hurricane madeline
Hurricane Madeline’s current track

She is closely followed by Hurricane Lester (currently still in the Eastern Pacific), which is currently a Category Three storm and scheduled to arrive in Hawaii Friday/Saturday. Note, this storm is still a ways off and a lot can happen between now and then.

hurricane madeline
Hurricane Lester’s current track


What should you expect?
The past few years all our hurricane warnings have ended up being non-events in Kihei area. Yes, we have gotten humidity, but rain and wind have been negligible. The Big Island usually blocks and tears storms apart, with the high mountains messing with their wind patterns. Big Island has been dumped on and seen some damage the past few years. I in no way want to minimize this. But while we feel very badly for them, we are hoping the systems change course or see a similar thing happening again.
In the mean time: be prepared
1. check the hurricane information in the binder in your condo (if you are staying in one of our condos).
2. be prepared by filling the rental car with gas, making sure you have water to last you several days and food supplies. Often in a storm power can get knocked out and in a bad situation, it can take a few days for it to be restored (make sure all devices are charged, check the batteries in the flashlight – bedroom closet, let us know if you need batteries, we have lots). Our water treatment facility on Maui is located in the flood zone, so that can also be an issue. Emergency people say to have at least a gallon of water per person per day for several days on hand, so you can drink and wash. (fill jugs and pots and go buy some gallon jugs if need be). Check that you have enough food to get you through a few days in case you can’t make it to a grocery store (or they are closed). Have some cash on hand (again in case of power outage).
3. stay out of the ocean once the storm hits and for several days after. Not only do we get a lot of run-off from the islands when it rains a lot, but these big storms can change the dynamics within the ocean (currents etc) and it increases the risk of shark attacks. Best to just enjoy the ocean from shore.
4. stay informed. While the main news on TV focuses largely on Oahu, you can get Maui specific news online: MauiNow and MauiWatch on facebook are good sources.
5. just before the hurricane is scheduled to hit, bring in all the lanai furniture and secure (close) the windows.
If you are staying at one of our condos, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
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Coupons and that kama’aina rate!

Have you ever wondered how you can get a kama’aina rate? Wondering what a kama’aina rate is? It’s a discount some shops and restaurants will give to local customers, hoping they will be repeat customers.

Generally you need to have a State of Hawaii driver’s license or other State of Hawaii ID to qualify for that local discount. By the way, did you know Hawaii driver’s licenses have a rainbow on them? I would show you a picture of mine, but…. well…. as with most IDs the picture turned out ‘just great’.

If you are staying at one of our four condos, we have the next best thing to a kama’aina rate: the Pueo Premier Card – a discount card for our guests to use! This is a fundraiser put on by one of the local elementary schools. No worries, you do not need to buy one – we always buy them and leave them in the condos for our guests to use. The discounts are similar to what some of these businesses offer as a kama’aina rate, and some of these businesses don’t actually offer a kama’aina rate, so this is as good as it gets!

In case you can’t zoom in on the picture here are some of the businesses participating in this year’s Pueo Premier Card:

5 Palms Restaurant (at our Kihei Surfside condo) – 20% off

808 Wellness 10% off

Aloha School of Massage Therapy – $5 off

Amigo’s 15% off

Cow Pig Bun 15% off

Cupie’s Drive-in 10% off

Dina’s Sandwitch (at our Sugar Beach condo) 15% off

Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse 15% off

Fork & Salad $1 off

Duo Steak & Seafood 10% off

Four Sisters Bakery – buy 1 doz, get 1 free

Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods 10% discount

IHOP 10% off

Java Cafe 15% off

L&L Hawaiian BBQ – free soda

Maui Brick Oven – free soda

Maui Sandwich Shack 15% off

Panda Express 3 for 2

Peggy Sue’s 15% off

Round Table 20% off

Ruth Chris Steak House 15% off

Sanrio 10% off

Taqueria Cruz 50% off 2nd entree

Tutti Frutti 50% off 2nd cup

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade 10% off

Where can you find this card? If you are staying at one of our condos, look for it in the condo (near the business cards, at our Palms at Wailea condo it’s next to the kitchen phone). You are welcome to use the card, please just remember to leave it in the condo when you leave so our next guests can take advantage too.

If you are not staying at one of our condos, swing by Kamalii Elementary School on the corner of the Piilani Hwy and Alanui Ke Alii (just up the road from Kamaole I beach) in Kihei. They have them for sale in the school office (by the flag pole). Thanks for supporting the kids!

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Remodel time at our Maui Kamaole condo

It’s ‘happy remodel’ day! After a lot of planning the day is finally here! Which condo is on this year’s to-do list? Our beautiful oceanview Maui Kamaole condo! This is a one bedroom, two bathroom 1030 sq ft condo in sunny South Maui. It is a popular condo, both with couples but also with families who like the Murphy bed (wall bed) in the living room (sure beats sleeping on a pull-out).

Yesterday the last pre-remodel guests checked out of our Maui Kamaole condo. Then our family packed up the condo contents (kitchen, bathrooms, linens and towels) and hauled them to our house for temporary storage. It’s not ideal, but it does give me the opportunity to go through things and replace items as needed.

This morning the contractors began wrapping and taping what is staying in the condo. The old kitchen (original with some upgrades) and master bath cabinets are going! The fridge has been picked up (one of the guys who works at Maui Kamaole) is happy for a new-to-him fridge. The dishwasher will find a new home too. The storage room has been emptied, and that will be annexed into the main bathroom, making room for a nice large bathroom with large walk-in shower.

I can’t wait to see the finished remodel, scheduled completion date is September 19th. Expect pictures by the end of September!

Here’s one last picture of our Maui Kamaole kitchen. I do love that backsplash. But I won’t miss those cabinets!


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Beautiful blooms at our Maui Kamaole I-103 condo

Yesterday I was prepping our Maui Kamaole I-103 condo for our arriving guests. I love arrival day – getting the condo ready, making sure everything is order, ready to make that first impression on our guests. I hope they are having a wonderful vacation!

Maui Kamaole is a beautiful 23 acre property with 314 low-rise style condominiums. The property is known for its park-like setting and beautiful landscaping, which helps explain the very large monthly landscaping bill. While I personally think that is crazy money to spend on landscaping, I absolutely do appreciate the way the property looks. It is beautiful. It’s a good thing I’m not left in charge of the landscaping 🙂

Here are some of the plants and blooms I saw yesterday, starting with this ornamental pineapple planted just outside the door to our Maui Kamaole I-103 condo. Note: it is ornamental – you definitely will not be able to eat this.

Maui Kamaole I-103Maui Kamaole I-103








Maui Kamaole I-103Maui Kamaole I-103








Nearby (also at our condo’s entrance) there are some bird of paradise blooms. These are always exotic too!

Maui Kamaole I-103

I’m not sure what this particular bloom (a vine) is called.

Maui Kamaole

And this one, I’m told is blue ginger. It is in the J-building corridot, a short walk away from our condo. Check it out when on property!


What is the most interesting bloom you have seen on Maui? Please share!

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