Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What’s your favorite local coffee?

Are you a coffee drinker? What kind of coffee do you drink when you go on vacation? Do you stick with what you know, bringing your own can of Timmy’s coffee? Or do you experiment?

Generally, I like to stick with what I know… but when we moved to Maui, I couldn’t get my ‘usual’ coffee anymore (and no, it wasn’t Tim Hortons coffee)… So we’ve been trying our way through different coffees, and I’ve discovered that my former ‘usual’ wasn’t that great! I’ve also discovered that I prefer to grind my beans every morning. We’ve added coffee grinders to all our condos last year so you too can grind your coffee if you like.

We are currently drinking Pekelos Hawaiian Coffee’s 100% Maui Red Catuai medium roast. There was a friendly gentleman from the Hawaii Coffee Association at the farmer’s market at Queen Kaahumanu Mall this week, selling a variety of beans. This one is quite lovely. The beans are grown on West Maui and Upcountry Mountains and sold by the Vineyard Food Company Catering.

This is the coffee we usually drink – the 10% Maui Coffee Blend from Maui Coffee Roasters. We buy a 2 lb bag at Costco for under $18 (you’ll find it next to the Starbucks and Kirkland brands). Of course, I realize it’s just 10% Maui coffee. Maui Coffee Roasters have a store in Kahului, close to the airport. Go have a look, try some of their 100% Maui coffees and see which of their coffees is your favorite.

Another coffee we’ve enjoyed several times is the Kihei Sunrise Rotary Club’s 100% Maui Red Catuai roast. It’s a fundraiser for the local Rotary Club, and yes, you can order it online, or arrange to pick it up here in Kihei.

If you’ve stayed at one of our condos since this past September, you will have found a small one-pot packet of Coffees of Hawaii whole coffee beans for your first pot (those coffee grinders in our condos will come in handy) or to take home with you. This coffee is grown on Molokai. You can buy more online, or pick some up at Hilo Hattie’s.

Here is another coffee that I’ve had tucked away in my closet for a while, saving it for a special occasion. I know, you coffee connoisseurs out there probably would say it’s ruined as it’s been sitting so long. I’m sure it will still be fine for my non-gourmet taste buds. Keokea Farms won 2nd place for the Maui district at the Hawaiian State Cupping Competition this past July with this roast. It is grown in Kula, upcountry Maui.

So how about it? Which coffee will you try when you come to Maui? Let me know which new favorites you find!