Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Deals on flights!

Hawaiian Airlines has just posted a sale on their flights (August-November 2013), starting at $342 return from San Jose (taxes in). Nice!

Allegiant Airlines is up to its tricks with good prices also – $325 return all in from Bellingham WA. However, I heard that Allegiant was talking about discontinuing certain flights to Hawaii, such as from Eugene OR, so definitely look into that.

Today is the last day of that Westjet sale I mentioned the other day (for our Canadian friends). Did you know that about half our condo guests are Canadian? Unfortunately Air Canada/United does not fly directly to Maui in the low-season months.

And then of course there’s also Alaskan Airlines to check out.

And it’s low season – shoot me an inquiry, we’d love to have you stay at one of our condos!

how about an early evening stroll on the beach?