Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Pizza Madness

Last night we got takeout and had a sunset picnic with some friends. This time we decided to get pizza. I haven’t been thrilled with the pizza we’ve gotten the last few times, so I went on the review site to check out some of my pizza options. Pizza Madness ranked higher than most with 4 stars, so I looked up their website and called in our order. To be fair, the large pizza was priced higher than what we’ve been paying at the other place, but these are the things I do for you, my blog readers.

picture borrowed from Pizza Madness’ website

Pizza Madness is located in Central Kihei, next to the Maui Dive Shop and Avis Car Rental at 1455 South Kihei Road, close to Eskimo Candy. It’s actually a sit-down restaurant (which I didn’t realize), with a somewhat strange atmosphere – dark, with a bar and various sea animal sculptures hanging from the walls and ceilings, each eating pizza.

But most importantly, how was their pizza? Really really good. We will definitely order from  here again!