Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Mango harvest

Nearly 3 years ago we planted a dwarf mango tree in our back yard. As it turned out, it wasn’t a dwarf mango after all. The tree kept growing and growing, but there were never any blooms, never mind fruit. According to a landscaper friend you are supposed to prune them in February if there are no blooms, so for two years we pruned our ‘dwarf’ tree back every February. Then this February we had blooms! So very exciting.

mango blooms

Since then I’ve been watching these mangoes grow, and grow…

baby mangoes

One by one they fell off the tree, sadly not ripe. But the tree managed to hang onto a dozen or so. Through various accidents (golf balls hitting them, lawn mower brushing up against them etc) more have fallen. I saved four and laid them on my lanai (balcony) table, hoping they’d ripen up.

Yesterday I noticed my lanai-mangoes were looking ripe(r). So I cut into one – worst case I figured I’d make some sort of mango salsa to go with dinner…

It wasn’t dripping juice, but it was definitely ripe. Sun-warm and sweet. There’s just something awesome about sun-warm fruit! I can’t wait to see what the tree-ripened mangoes will taste like!!

two more on the ground yesterday…

still hanging on 🙂

I have no idea what kind of mangoes these are… I am hoping they are Golden Glow mangoes, just like at Yee’s Orchard’s. Yum.