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Pineapple harvest time!

Remember the pineapple top we planted in our yard in January 2012? Exactly a year after planting it, the plant (4 feet in diameter, 2 feet tall) got a red bud. Exactly 4 months and 1 week later, the pineapple is ripe!

That’s right – harvest time! Here are the last of the pineapple pictures. To see all the others – click on the ‘Cara’s pineapple’ label on the right and it will pull up all my pineapple posts.

one bright yellow pineapple
pineapple with the somewhat spent-looking plant behind it

for old time’s sake, a picture from above – it’s a little mis-shapen

top-less pineapple

I wish you could have smelled it – so sweet!

ready to slice

time to eat!
Our family agreed – this was the sweetest juiciest pineapple we’ve ever eaten! Of course, after watching it grow for the past year and a half, we’re not biased at all! Now we have another pineapple top to plant!