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Flossie after the storm

A warm sticky (as in humid) good morning to you from Kihei! Just a quick report that all is clear here in South Kihei. Tropical Storm Flossie ended up being a Tropical Depression and really rather minor compared to hurricane reports you see on TV (thank goodness!).

Where we live in South Kihei we had 1.5 inches of rain (yes, we had a rain gauge out). The winds picked up around 5pm and lasted til around 9pm, but I’m not seeing any damage in Kihei. In between we had a good thunder storm. We didn’t lose power, but I have heard of power outages and some damage, particularly out towards Hana.

Very thankful everything seems fine. We’ll drive around and check on the condos this morning.

You can check the Maui News for more Maui-related information. Also, here’s a great blog post about Flossie by a local Maui blogger.