Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

I’m back!

After 3 weeks in BC and Washington State visiting family and friends and more family and more friends, we are back on Maui. A special thank you to my wonderful cleaning lady Cindy who took care of our condos for us while we were on our family vacation. It was fun to go, but so good to be back home again.

We arrived late afternoon. I enjoyed gazing over Maui as the pilot flew across central Maui, looped around near Sugar Beach and then came in for a landing at Kahului airport.

Welcome to Kahului Airport (OGG)

As we got off the plane, I noticed was the warm slightly humid air welcoming us in the jetway, followed by cooler A/C inside the terminal. Kahului is a rather small airport, and I finally saw the ‘new to me’ way travelers exit the terminal to the luggage carousels (the last time my parents came to see us, we stood at the wrong exit waiting to greet them, and finally ran into them at the carousel). As we came down the escalator, I saw a friend of a friend waiting to pick up family (Maui’s full-time resident population is about 140,000, so yes, you do run into people you know).

One thing that struck me as our friend drove us home was how relaxed Maui is. Less traffic (we had just flown out of Seattle), slower speed limits (the fastest bit of highway – and it really is only a short stretch – on the island is 55 mph).

As a mom, the best part was coming into our house. We had cleaned and tidied up before we left – it’s so nice to come home to an uncluttered house! Now to see how long it will stay tidy… Ah, welcome home! It’s good to be back!