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In pineapple news…

Ok, this post is right after the pineapple vodka post and right off the bat I have to tell you, this one has nothing to do with alcohol….

Remember my homegrown pineapple? In June we harvested our lovely pineapple. It was amazing. There had been slips growing underneath the plant, but at someone’s suggestion, I had snipped them all off and tried to replant the three largest. Unfortunately the birds kept pulling them out, so nothing came of those.

After harvesting our pineapple we really didn’t know what to do with the pineapple plant. It didn’t look so good – very spent. So we decided to leave it be and gave it some fertilizer.

Today, on July 21st, our pineapple plant is still pretty spent looking, the stock that held up the pineapple is all shriveled up, but some of the lower leaves are looking quite healthy.

On closer examination – there’s a baby pineapple plant growing at the base! I am so excited 🙂

…. after looking a little closer, I discovered there is a SECOND baby pineapple plant growing right next to the old stalk (just had to cut a few leaves away).

another baby pineapple growing right next to the old stalk