Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Sharks – it would figure…

Yesterday one of our guests called to report in zero damage from Flossie at the condo (thank you!). She also asked about sharks in the water.

I told her what I usually say… sharks do live in the ocean, and yes, there is always the potential of a shark attack, however, they are really quite rare.

I also gave her some common sense advice about sharks that I’ve posted here before, quite relevant because of tropical storm Flossie: don’t go into the water when the water is murky, especially after rain. Sharks typically don’t attack humans, however, if the water is murky, they have difficulty seeing humans, so the risk is higher.

Guess what hit the news today… a shark attack off Ulua Beach in Wailea. Sigh. It does figure… If you look on this newsreport there is a 6 minute interview with the lady who was bitten – very interesting. The lady tells that the water had a fair bit of debris in it.

I hope our guest isn’t too scared to go into the water and enjoy her vacation. Officials have closed Ulua Beach and the surrounding beaches and are patrolling the area, looking for the shark. Tomorrow morning they will re-assess the situation before opening the beaches.

Should you worry about sharks? Honestly, there is a much greater chance of you having a car accident while on Maui than being bitten by a shark. Do use common sense and if you are concerned, stay at beaches that have life guards (who keep an eye out for sharks and can help you).

I had to smile at this sign that is posted at a local pool. “Warning – Sharks may be present. Shark bites have occurred in this area.” It is highly unlikely that there are sharks at this pool. Not even of the time-share selling variety 🙂