Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Nice day for an upcountry drive

This morning Sig decided he felt like burgers for lunch. But not just any burgers – he needed burgers from the Ulupalakua General Store in upcountry Maui. So we packed up the kids and went for a drive – a 1 1/2 hour drive – for lunch. Yes, a bit of a drive – but the burgers were worth it! I think it’s a combination of sitting outdoors, being upcountry enjoying cooler temperatures (it was 76F or 23C if you prefer), the grass-fed home-grown beef, the bbq… This paniolo (cowboy) statue at the general store watched us eating our lunch, as did the store’s cat Barney (sadly for Barney there were signs posted not to feed him ’cause he can’t say no’). Poor Barney. (The bbq is on between 11am-2:30pm, so make sure you time your drive so you don’t miss out!)

After lunch we headed across the street, past Tedeshi Winery to the bathrooms. We had checked our wine supply – but we still have 5 bottles of their pineapple wine (yes, I buy it by the case at a discounted price), so we didn’t stop in for a free tasting. By the by, they offer free tours of their winery at 10:30am and 1:30pm daily. We’ve never done a tour – I think we’ll have go on one – next time we go for a drive… To get into the (well-maintained) bathrooms, you pass under a trellis where they had blue jade blossoms – not quite open yet, but gorgeous nonetheless.
Up close they actually look a little like claws…

Into the car we got, headed back towards Kula…. surprisingly my husband pulled over just as we drove into town and parked just outside Grandma’s Coffee House. Those of you who know Sig know, he doesn’t have a sweet tooth. In fact he claims not to eat sweets. Would I run in and get him a coffee? As it turns out – I didn’t have my wallet along, so we all got out and… well… if you’re going to use your credit card, you might as well be charging more than a coffee… a couple giant cookies, a cinnamon bun and a slice of cherry cheese cake together with Sig’s cup of coffee made for a wonderful desert (and for the record, he did eat half that cherry cheese cake). If you come upcountry – make sure you stop here (the earlier in the day, the better)!


looks like Grandma’s had a paint job – and possibly a new sign

We slowly moseyed our way back down Haleakala and towards Kihei. I finally got a picture of one of those giant cactus plants that you see growing upcountry (I’ve also seen them near Makena State Park close to Big Beach).

It was a nice Sunday afternoon drive. Coming down we watched the temperature on the car thermometer rise… from 76F (23C) at the ranch, all the way to 88F (31C) in Kihei. I sure enjoyed cooling off for a few hours – thanks honey!