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Pineapple Fritter at Krispy Kreme

Have you experienced great customer service? This past week I was looking to find single replacement blinds for a few older-style vertical blinds at one of our condos, and obscure replacement clips for blinds in another. I ventured into a window treatment store and the sales person was so helpful. You know, it was a very small order and yet he still gave me the same respect and a smile as if I were placing a large order.

Yesterday I picked up part of the order (the rest is being flown in), and he surprised me with a very reasonable price, then jokingly said, ‘just bring me some donuts’.

I must admit, I’ve been snobbishly avoiding Krispy Kreme in town, firmly believing in the superiority of Canada’s Tim Hortons donuts. But – for him – I ventured in (my first time ever!). I picked up a dozen donuts (I know, overkill, but at some point I’ll need to replace some blinds, so I figured I might as well start building a relationship) and a pineapple fritter for myself. I had been eyeing up the pumpkin donuts, but once I saw pineapple – I had to try it. For you, my blog readers, of course. So mahalo for the excuse! It was good!

my pineapple fritter at Krispy Kreme. Very good.