Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Updates at our Palms at Wailea condo

September can be slow on Maui. Kids are back in school, the weather is typically still decent ‘back home’, so September often becomes our default project month. This year’s project at our Palms at Wailea #503 condo involved replacing our three sliding glass doors that open out onto the spacious (450 sq ft) lanai. Unfortunately for us the original doors had wood frames that had started to rot (and they are our responsibility, not the homeowner association’s).

The new sliding doors are beautiful and lightly tinted for heat abatement. The tinting also gives you a little extra privacy. Additionally, we did some plastering, paint touch-ups, restored the two glass shower doors and fixtures (I love it when they polish all the watermarks off them!), steam cleaned carpets, replaced a door knob, did some blind repairs, inventoried everything (oddly the potato masher had gone missing – I wonder where it went off to), bought some replacement items and did some thorough cleaning (I got to deep clean the propane bbq – always lots of fun!). I also bought new bedding for the master bedroom.

new quilt set in the master bedroom is bright and cheery

Yesterday our first guests post-project arrived. I’m glad these September projects are done!