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Gluten-free Options on Maui

A good friend is bringing her family to Maui – I am so excited! She has a family member who is on a gluten-free diet. You know, I never appreciated the ability to eat all foods (except of course “gross” food, like artichokes) until meeting people who get really sick when eating certain kinds of food.

Here is a list of stores/restaurants I have found that have gluten-free options.

Know of any great gluten-free places? Please let me know! I’ll update my list!

grocery stores:
– Safeway (Kihei) has a small gluten-free section (about four feet wide in one aisle)
– Whole Foods (Kahului) has an extensive list of gluten-free items they carry (this may be the mother-load)
Hawaiian Moons (Kihei) – bring the orange Pueo discount card from our condo for a 10% store-wide discount
Mana Foods (Paia)

Maui Brick Oven (next to Longs Drugstore in Kihei) – 100% gluten free restaurant

I’ve also come across a website titled Gluten Free Maui. She has a great list of grocery stores and some restaurants.

gluten free picture (just kidding) – Kamaole II beach in Kihei