Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Sunset walk along the Wailea Beach Walk

How was your (American) Thanksgiving yesterday? We enjoyed our day. My sister and I got the turkey into the oven before 9am (very impressive, isn’t it). Then she and hubby went paddle boarding while I guarded the oven and enjoyed the smells. Have you noticed how sometimes you can fill up just on smells (okay and a little tasting along the way)? We had our family dinner at as a late lunch, napped (you do have to let the turkey work its magic, after all), and then went for a family walk along the Wailea Beach Walk. We parked at Polo Beach (just to the left of the Fairmont resort) and walked for almost two hours. It was beautiful. To top it off – one of the early humpback whales was splashing in the distance. Perfect!

Here are a few of my (cell phone) sunset shots!