Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

That glamorous topic… tropical pest control

Pest control… it’s one of those things we don’t like to talk about. Truth is, noone likes to think about bugs. Well, most people don’t.

But it does need to be addressed. I certainly don’t like bugs. So what do we do about them? Will you see a bug while on vacation?

These are the tropics and the truthful answer is – yes, you will. But we do try to mitigate them. State law dictates that all vacation rental condos are treated regularly for bugs (pest control). For the comfort of all owners and guests, this treatment is very important.

What types of bugs can you expect to see? Some examples are tiny ants (harmless), millipedes (harmless), cockroaches (yes, eww but harmless) and rarely centipedes (those are not nice, if you are bitten by one, you will want something like Benadryl to help with the swelling). We do have a can of bug spray in each condo.

So if pest control comes knocking, please help us (and the guests who come after you) by allowing them in (you will typically get a day’s heads up that they are coming, so put all your food into cupboards or the fridge). Unfortunately pest control cannot be rescheduled.

What will pest control do? One pest control person will enter the condo together with one of the property’s employees (for security). He will spray along the entrance, baseboards and under the sinks. If you have noticed bugs in any particular location (such as those tiny ants sometimes found in the kitchen or bathroom), leave a note in a conspicuous place (such as the table or taped to the front door) so they especially treat that area. While the pest control companies are bonded, we ask that you please put away your valuables (we have a guest safe in each of our condos, or take them with you). You may want to leave for an hour during/after the treatment, or at least sit outside on the lanai. Turn on the fans and air out the condo.

What else can you as a renter do to avoid unwanted bugs? Please keep food covered and put away. That bowl of fruit on the counter, crumbs in the toaster and on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, trash piling up in the condo… these are all bug magnets. Please help us by keeping the condo clean and also the screens closed.

If you do have bugs, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to help.

Will pest control get the geckos? Hopefully not. Geckos are a natural pest control. They used to terrify me (and can still startle me), but they will not hurt you. They eat bugs, so really, they are our friends! In fact, in Hawaii geckos are considered to bring good luck!