Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Bully’s Burgers

Someone told us about Bully’s Burgers, a burger stand on the Triple L Ranch 4 miles past the Ulupalakua Ranch. Today Sig took my sister and brother-in-law up there for a late lunch. You know my husband loves burgers, right? That’s a scenic 1.5+ hour drive each way. As my sister says, the drive is part of the experience – it really is beautiful and completely different than anything you will see along the coast. And, burgers always taste better eaten outside.

It is definitely nothing fancy, a trailer next to a pig pen, but with a gorgeous view (and a pig) and trail rides. The natural beef burgers were amazing. 7 ounce patties, lots of toppings… Are they better than at Ulupalakua Ranch? The verdict is…. possibly. You should probably do a taste-test! Sig picked up a punch-card. Sounds like we’ll be going back (though I think the kids will be able to share one burger).

Bully’s Burgers stand
looking across the road at the picnic area

Sig had the daily special, 7 oz patty with jalapenos, pepperjack cheese and chipotle sauce
the pig thought the burger smelled good too 🙂
nice view of Big Island in the distance