Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Farmer’s markets in Kihei

So you’re on Maui and all you really want is locally grown produce? Okay, so that’s not all you want, but it’s one of the things you want.

Where to find it in Kihei?

Your best bet (price-wise) is Wednesday/Saturdays at the Aloha Market Place near Kalama Park and the Kihei library. Not all their produce is local, though. I went here yesterday to pick up four rainbow papaya for $5, five lilikoi (passionfruit) for $2, local Kula strawberries 2 packages for $6 and four kiwi for $2. However, the first item I saw when I walked in was garlic grown in China and I suspect the kiwi are imported as well…

Another organic farm stand is at the same location all other weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). They have Hawaii-grown, mainly organic fruit and vegetables. They used to be there regularly, now it’s hit and miss. If you know more about them, let me know and I’ll update this!

In North Kihei there’s a farm stand right next to the ABC on North Kihei Road (by Sugar Beach). They are open week days, tend to be pricier. But you can get your machete cut coconut there (which I have not seen at the other two farmer’s markets).

On Saturday mornings on Lipoa (right by the Kihei Fabiani’s) there’s another farmer’s market with several people selling their produce.

Also, almost every day there’s a pick-up truck parked across from Kamaole Point (between the Maui Banyan and Haleakala Shores). He flies a Hawaiian Statehood flag. In his spare time he’s done some beautification work in the shrub area next to the parking lot where he’s planted a bit of a fruit garden and built a lava rock wall.

If you want to go all out on a Saturday morning, check out the Swap Meet at the University of Hawaii parking lot in Kahului. Admission is $2/person (last time I checked). Everything from local fruits and veggies to locally made arts and crafts to stuff that was made in China. You never know what you will find at the swap meet! When there, say hello to my friends Jon (Jonerz Art) and Lynn (Sparrowseas Jewelry) and check out their booth!