Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

How to transport your stand-up paddle board!

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has become incredibly popular, especially here on Maui. You can rent SUPs at many places (Boss Frogs to name one), typically for about $40/day. But the real question is, how do you transport your board? They are large and unwieldy, just awkward to carry.

Look at this SUP accessory I found today… handmade on the beautiful island of Lana’i (part of Maui County) by Kahele Maui Handbags, a board wrap carrier towel. How cool is this! You can buy it here on Etsy. For more info on Kahele Maui Handbags check out their facebook page.

Hele Board Wrap by Kahele Maui Handbags as found on Etsy