Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

oh cannelloni…

Several months ago Fabiani’s Bakery & Pizzeria (Kihei) posted this picture on their facebook.

I’ve been very intrigued. What is this dessert cannelloni?

This morning I tackled some of my Christmas shopping. I had to go to Maui Memories for some beautiful locally made jewelry (yes, one will be a gift my kids are getting me). While I was at Wailea Gateway Center I thought – what a perfect opportunity to check out Fabiani’s new Wailea restaurant (in the same complex).

Fabiani’s Wailea is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner (opening at 8am). Additionally they have an espresso bar, so you can just run in to get a coffee to go. Their lunch items are in the $8-14 range with a good selection. There is also a daily lunch plate for $11 – today’s was BBQ chicken pizza. The waitress carried one by as I stood and chatted with another girl who worked there. I almost sat down and ordered one too – but I don’t really like going for lunch on my own. Fabiani’s Wailea is expecting to have their liquor license by December 16th, but before that, bring your own bottle and they will open and serve it for you (no corkage charge).

As for the cannelloni… there was one in the display case… and… it was crunchy, chocolatey and so good.