Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

brrrrrrr…. freezing Maui style!

Every time we turn on the news we hear about the poor people on the mainland experiencing a real winter freeze. We hope you are all finding ways to stay warm.

Bubba Gump’s in Lahaina – a Forest Gump theme restaurant

We are experiencing our own winter weather here – with ‘chilly’ evening temperatures coming in at around 68F (20C). Yesterday evening we drove to Lahaina for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (Bubba Gump’s). We love the setting, and the kids are getting really good at Forest Gump trivia (do you know Forrest Gump’s three favorite sports? Or how many root beers he drank before meeting the President and what he then said to the President?)

love the atmosphere in this restaurant

But after the sun set it got COLD. Yes, I know, it’s pathetic. But here it was, around 72F and we were freezing. Thankfully we were sitting next to the gift shop, so certain family members took turns warming up inside. I guess this means we’ve really acclimatized. Dinner was great though, as always.