Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Have you driven the new Dairy Road Bypass yet?

If you’ve been to Maui before, you know how congested Dairy Road in Kahului can be. That is the main road that connects from the airport (just past the Costco turn-off) to the Kihei turn-off (Pu’unene).

If you are merely driving through Kahului to go upcountry, or Pa’ia or the Road to Hana, check out the newly extended Ho’okele Street ‘bypass road’ that goes through the new Maui Business Park (though there are currently no buildings there). Turn right at Zippy’s onto Ho’okele Street like you’re going to Walmart, but instead of turning left to Walmart, follow the brand new four lane road. There’s a set of lights where it connects with the Hana Hwy so you can turn left to go into town or right to miss Kahului altogether. This road is also a nice alternative to narrow and bumpy Hansen Road (by the Sugar Cane Factory).