Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Sal-tim-bocca, Italian with a view!

I’ve previously written that there is a new Italian restaurant in Ma’alaea Harbor. Yesterday we went for lunch with friends, and so we figured we’d try (and support) a brand new restaurant. Off to Sal-tim-bocca we went!

This restaurant is in the former Waterfront location, tucked into the Shops of Ma’alaea, overlooking the Ma’alaea Harbor. It’s a gorgeous view, beautiful restaurant, and the food did not disappoint.

I ordered the Insalata Mista together with the Sal-tim-bocca sandwich. It’s a fancier restaurant, so I figured the portions would be small. I was mistaken. The salad was large and quite filling. Loved the dressing, it was like a taste explosion in my mouth. So good. The Sal-tim-bocca sandwich was very good too, chicken breast, prosciutto, etc… served with some amazing roasted potatoes. I didn’t bother taking pictures of my meal, figuring I’d find pictures online – but it’s a brand new restaurant, not many food pictures yet!

One thing I noticed about the menu – lots of meat-less dishes, though there are a fair number of meat-y options, too, so this could be a nice option for groups with vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

As for me, I will definitely be back!