Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What are those whales doing?

It’s humpback whale season! It’s been whale season for a while, actually, but of late they have really been jumping. It seems every time I look towards the ocean, I see something splashing. This afternoon I checked our Maui Kamaole condo before our next guests arrive. Our cleaning lady did a wonderful job of the condo, as always. As I drove down the driveway, I glanced up at the ocean – yes! Another splash in the distance! Followed by another smaller splash right next to it. Could it have been a momma whale and her calf?

No, I did not whip out my camera and take pictures – by that time the splash would have been long over, plus I was in the middle of the road!

Ever wonder what the different behaviors are or even mean? Here is a great link with video and pictures, describing the different splashes and behaviors you will see.

Here are two pictures I took last March. I love whale season!

wait a minute – was that a whale?
yes! there it is – doing a spy hop – having a good look at that boat!