Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

This weather isn’t normal, is it?

Wow, we’ve had two unseasonably cool days here on Maui – overcast, rainy and just downright cold. Ok, so it’s not been ‘cold’ per se (low 70s), but I have been wearing long pants and today even a sweater. This morning I had to drop something off for my Sugar Beach guests – wearing my winter clothes… They probably thought I was nuts. But rather than complain, they just said, ‘It’s not cold, it’s just damp.’ Apparently I’ve acclimatized.

So, what to do at 9am on a dreary Maui morning? How about warm up in the ocean-front hot-tub? The good news is that it’s stopped raining and the sun is trying to peak out. Hooray!

you could warm up in the ocean-front Sugar Beach hot tub