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Wonderful Pedicure at Quinnie’s Salon

My hunny got me a pedicure for Christmas. But not just any pedicure, a Quinnie’s Pedicure. I’d heard good things about Quinnie’s Nail Salon on Lipoa Rd in Kihei, but had never checked it out.

It was so nice. I loved the setup – I really don’t like sitting in those pedicure chairs with automatic massage sticks in the back (I’ve had bad experiences with those), sitting next to strangers, looking at their feet. At Quinnie’s you sit in super comfortable lazyboys, staggered with curtain dividers between customers. Then while your feet are in the parafin wrap (this is with the ‘Quinnie’s Pedicure’ treatment), you are treated to a shoulder/arm and head rub. I think that may have been my favorite part!

If you are in need of some pampering – check them out!