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Personal Training in Style

You may remember that I used to do early morning runs with a friend? We’d run along the Kamaole beaches when it was light or along the road when it was dark out. That exercise routine unfortunately went by the wayside when my friend moved to Washington. Since then I have done nothing. And loved it! However, it’s time to get moving again. A new friend invited me to FuzionFit yesterday. My friend is a fitness instructor, so I figured if she goes, it must be good!

The setting is beautiful. It’s at Hotel Wailea (up the hill from the Wailea Blue course, home of Capische restaurant). There is free parking, you walk through the lobby and downstairs to a large hallway with beautiful views and water cascading just outside the window. It was a small drop-in style class with 6 women assembled and Izaak Tyrell, the fitness instructor. I filled out my waiver, paid my $25 (there is a discount if you pay several sessions up front and I believe it’s free if you are a guest at the Hotel) and we started!

I was definitely out of shape compared to the other ladies there (though I did manage to hold my own!) but everyone was super friendly. Izaak was encouraging and showed me a few modifications to the exercises as needed so I could also do them. It was a circuit of 16 exercises, done in 2 1/2 minute intervals and lasted about an hour.

I did pretty good – stayed to the end, and got through it without crying! But I am sore today. Yes, it’s time to start exercising again!

When are these sessions? Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 and Fridays at 10am.