Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Do you love asparagus?

I mean, do you really really love asparagus?

beautiful king protea

Kupu Maui is planning their spring celebration serving, you guessed it, asparagus appetizers (or pupu as you say here in Hawaii). Pupu will being served between 3:30-6:30pm at the Anuhea Asparagus and Flower Farm (specializing in protea) in Makawao.

Kupu Maui is a local pop-up ‘restaurant’ that pops up 5 times a year at various farms, offering a unique farm to table experience. Meet local foodies and enjoy a unique meal in a very unique setting!

Have a look at this menu:

Kupu Maui – Reception Style Featuring Revolving Appetizers
    1. Asparagus “Soda” club soda + simple syrup
    2. Kim Chee Asparagus garlic + ginger + fish sauce + maui onions
    3. Raw Asparagus Pesto Canape crouton + toasted pinenuts
    4. Asparagus “Spanakopita” feta cheese + phyllo dough + maui onions + smoked greek yogurt
    5. Hoisin Ginger Grilled Asparagus rice wine + garlic + cilantro
    6. Charred Asparagus Goma Salad bonito flake + fermented black garlic puree + japanese mayo
    7. Crab + Asparagus Tips grated eggs + egg emulsion + parmesan cheese + tobikko
    8. Harissa Grilled Asparagus basil + fresh mozzarella cheese
    9. Pickled Asparagus + Olive Oil Poached Kona Kampachi + kalamata olives + surfing goat dairy baked feta cheese + lemon zest
    10. Asparagus Strawberry Salad balsamic reduction + chocolate shavings + moloka’i lemon salt
    11. Charred Asparagus + Spanish Chorizo smoked paprika tomato sauce + manchego cheese
    12. Asparagus + Herb Pork Tenderloin camembert dijon cream + caramelized shallots + crushed marcona almonds
    13. Asparagus Surfing Goat Dairy Goat Cheese Gelato
    14. Asparagus Lemon Olive Oil Cake
    15. Asparagus “Poky