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In pineapple news

Do you remember my flower bed pineapple growing experiment? Click the ‘Cara’s pineapple’ label on the right hand side of the blog for more information.

Last I reported that the spent pineapple plant had new growth (August 15th, 2013).

I thought about pruning it, but really didn’t know what to do or how to go about it, so I decided to just leave it be. This is what it looks like today – rather overgrown, I’m afraid.

But in the midst of all the growth, there is a new baby pineapple (about 1 inch tall plus it’s tiny crown).

The baby pineapple is blooming (purple blooms at the base).

There is also an additional pineapple bud (baby in the background).

Here we go again! I’ll keep you posted! I also think we’ll fertilize it.