Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Lahaina Coffee Run!

I am all out of ‘condo coffee’, the small one-pot pouches of coffee we leave in our condos for our guests’ first cup of coffee. So this morning we drove up to Lahaina to pick up some more supplies. This time I ordered them from the Mauigrown Coffee Company in Ka’anapali. Their store is right under the smoke stack in Lahaina (by the second Shell station). So if you like the sampler coffee (or are intrigued), do go check their store out! You can sample some of their different blends!

Since we were there already, Sig talked me into checking out an open house at the Honua Kai. No, we aren’t at this time buying a condo there, but it’s always interesting to look, see what’s out there and dream a little.

And since we were there over lunch time, we just had to go to Duke’s, located along the Ka’anapali Board Walk. Lunch was wonderful, as always!

Oceanfront dining at Duke’s in Ka’anapali
Sig’s turkey sandwich
My veggie wrap was really good and came with kettle chips
Oh yes, and the beach access across the path. It sure looked tempting on a hot day like today…