Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Maui jewelry featured in Sports Illustrated magazine

I’m sure we all have our opinions about Sports Illustrated magazine (note, I am not adding a link). However, local Maui blog ‘Maui Made‘ reports that one of our own Maui-made jewelry designers, Hula Hoops Maui, has her jewelry featured in this month’s Sports Illustrated magazine. Way to go! Hopefully the ‘readers’ of Sports Illustrated will be inspired to buy their wives and girlfriends some Maui made jewelry! Here is a list of where you can find their designs.

Do check out the Maui Made blog, a great place to read about local artists, stores and restaurants. They also include a 20% discount code for you to buy Hula Hoops jewelry (valid until March 7, 2014). They certainly have some unique and beautiful items!