Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The best mangoes ever!

Have you stopped at Yee’s farm stand in Central Kihei? It’s a ‘shack’ with the occasional peacock on the mauka (mountain) side of South Kihei Road just past Amigo’s in Long’s Plaza.The mangoes are grown right there behind the fruit stand. Yee’s has two kinds of mangoes, my favorites are the Golden Glow. They are seriously the best mangoes I have ever had. Last year I was so excited to discover that the mango tree in our yard is also a Golden Glow – they taste just like Yee’s. Unfortunately Sig did some intense pruning on the tree after last year’s harvest, and while many mango trees are in bloom around Kihei, ours has decided to focus on tree growth instead of fruit. Ah well.

Yee’s mangoes are not cheap, I paid $14 for 4 mangoes yesterday. But I think you will agree, they are so worth it!