Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What not to do on a rainy Sunday on Maui

Our family has had an annual membership at the Maui Ocean Center for the past few years – we have sure enjoyed going six or seven times this past year alone – we definitely get our money’s worth. Our membership expires tonight, so I felt compelled to take the kids one last time. I’m sure we’ll end up renewing our membership, but for now we’ll take a little break.

But I forgot that the Ocean Center is a big favorite among tourists when it’s raining (it’s been raining on and off the past two days). Also, I forgot that it’s Sunday – cruise ship day at the port of Kahului. I have rarely seen the Ocean Center so packed. I guess we’ve never gone on a rainy Sunday afternoon before.

Ah well. It was still totally worth it! We saw the frog fish and the octopus, touched the tide pool creatures and counted the turtles, and sat in the tunnel with the rays and sharks swimming around us. It was fun and memorable for us. And it got us out of the rain for a bit.