Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Magic at Mulligan’s on the Blue!

Our son had something to celebrate today, so he chose (ok, so I did strongly influence this decision) Mulligan’s on the Blue (our local Irish pub with a view) for his celebratory dinner. Little did we know, that Mulligan’s hosts a magician/comedian Tuesday nights! So we ordered our dinners and the magic began….

Brenton Keith and his Bag o’ Tricks were really entertaining. There were a fair number of kids in the audience, the humor was good and clean, but the adults sure enjoyed it too!

Great sunset, good food and beer and fun entertainment! If you’re on Maui, looking for dinner on a Tuesday night, check out Mulligans! But make reservations so you can sit inside, front and center to the magic!

pre-sunset with a tiki torch
sunset, the tiki torch flame blends into the sunset in this picture