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Flowerbed pineapple update

In pineapple news, the baby pineapples are growing. They are now 3 1/2 and 4 inches tall respectively (including the crown). Here are a few baby pictures for you to enjoy!
Baby pineapples growing on the old pineapple plant that grew a beautiful huge pineapple in my flower bed last year. These pineapples are significantly smaller compared to last year’s pineapple – but there are two of them! 
This is the 3 1/2 inch tall baby – look at the beautiful coloring of the leaves surrounding the pineapple.
This is the 4 inch tall pineapple, significantly less color on the surrounding leaves.
Looking down at the plant from above – we may get another pineapple bud out of the center?
Another pineapple top planted a 13 months ago has recently changed color (green to pink), but no sign of a bud.
Side-profile of the color-ful pineapple plant.

For more on my pineapple plants, click the ‘Cara’s Pineapple’ label on the right of the blog. Enjoy! I sure do!