Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Early morning walk with…. goats, turtles and chickens?

What a beautiful morning for an early morning walk after yesterday’s rain! The sun poked its head out from behind Haleakala around 6:15am.

I was a little confused this morning when I heard bleating and barking. When I glanced across the Piilani Hwy, I saw goats – so many goats – and five sheep dogs.

Then I carried on down to Kamaole II beach and saw a turtle poking its head out curiously. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot. Hard to see, but the turtle’s head is directly under the first W in our website address.

Instead I saw a momma chicken and her babies up close. Yes, chickens! They’re everywhere on Maui!

All in an early morning’s walk.