Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Early morning at the beach

Ah early morning walk how I’ve missed you. I will admit to being lazy and preferring the comfort of my bed rather than rising before the sun and exercising.

But today I kicked myself out of bed and got out there before the sun rose over Haleakala (it did catch me at the end of my walk).

And again I was reminded of why I (and many others) enjoy the early morning cool before the sun rises. Today’s walk took me along Charlie Young and across Kamaole I beach. It’s a pleasant place to be – a few people walking dogs, jogging, fishing, paddle boarding, and perhaps a homeless person sleeping off to the side.

It is absolutely peaceful before the hustle and bustle of sun bathers begins and makes me wish I had my coffee and a chair with me. But that would defeat the purpose of this quest for exercise.

a sand castle survived the night