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Our First Tropical Storm of the Season

It’s that time of year – hurricane season! Although here in the Pacific they are referred to as cyclones. Just to confuse everyone.

The first named storm of the season for the Central Pacific (Tropical Storm Wali) is expected to come blowing past the Hawaiian Islands starting Saturday late afternoon. Note, it is currently classified as a tropical storm, not a hurricane or cyclone. However, that could change – so please listen to the news. There is a flood watch from 6pm Saturday til 6pm Monday for Maui County. Be aware of heavy rains and high humidity, and even if it doesn’t rain where you are, rain water may come running down the mountain – stay safe.

County of Maui warns: “Unstable conditions from an upper trough and deep tropical moisture will bring the threat of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Localized intense rainfall is likely to occur with the potential for flash flooding. The greatest chance of flooding will occur over windward slopes, with a lesser chance over leeward locations.”

For more information, check with the County of Maui or the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

If the ocean is murky – stay out! What animals hang out in murky water? That’s right – sharks come closer to shore to see what the rain has washed into the ocean. So make sure you stay out.