Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

A few cool non-Maui pictures

Yesterday I flew back to Maui after a short trip to Edmonton (Canada) for a family wedding! Yes, it was kind of nuts to fly to Edmonton for 4 nights, but (apart from the mosquitoes) it was a great trip!

Coming home I flew AlaskaAir (operated by Horizon) from Edmonton to Seattle. I must admit I wasn’t quite sure about the Bombardier with its twin propellers, one right next to my window, but it was a great flight and we arrived safely. As an added bonus, I took a few great pictures with my cell phone!

our ride to and from Edmonton

propeller spinning next to my window – the blades invisible to the naked eye, yet picked up by the camera

don’t the mountains peaking out from the clouds look like dinosaur fossils?

aloha Seattle!

flying over the Centurylink Stadium – home to the Seattle Seahawks