Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What do people in Hawaii buy for emergencies?

run on Costco (Aug 5 photo courtesy of MauiWatch)

Are you ready for it? Here is a list of the top items people in Hawaii buy for emergencies (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquake preparedness etc):

  • water
  • toilet paper
  • spam & Vienna sausages (canned meats)
  • rice
  • propane and gasoline

Really? Yes. Really. Civil Defense warns everyone to be prepared to fend for ourselves for up to 7 days. Living on the most isolated islands in the world, in the middle of the Pacific, has its perks. It also means that it will take a while for help to arrive from anywhere.

the canned food aisle at Walmart Wednesday evening (Aug 6 photo courtesy of MauiWatch)
If you are on Maui, stay safe. Listen to the news. Hurricane Iselle is forecast to make landfall on Big Island this afternoon and reach Maui by evening. No, it has not slowed down to Tropical Storm speeds yet, but forecasters are hopeful it will have slowed down by the time it hits Maui. Bring in your lanai furniture, clean and fill bathtubs and containers with water for washing/drinking, charge your electrical devices (note, you may not have cell phone reception during/after storm). If you are in a flood area, you will need to evacuate to a shelter (in Kihei that is Lokelani Intermediate School – this has changed from in the past!) Stay inside!!
Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio are both headed for Hawaii!