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Apple banana ice cream!

We have a small apple banana grove in our back yard. It started with two banana trees, which each had a bunch of bananas, then they had babies (the old ones are cut down)…. This week we harvested another bunch of bananas. What to do with all these bananas?

Home-made apple banana ice cream! A number of years ago I found a super yummy and super healthy recipe. And it is EASY.

You cut bananas into bite-sized pieces, lay them on a pan and freeze for a couple hours.

Once frozen solid, you dump them in your blender. I add a little milk to help them blend faster, but you don’t need to add it.

Scrape it into a container. Either eat right away – it will be the consistency of soft ice cream – or return to freezer to harden it up a little.

It is remarkably sweet, even though you will have added no sugar (or anything besides a little milk, for that matter). Enjoy! I have not tried this with regular bananas – but I am guessing it would work the same way.