Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Preparing for winter

What? No no no, let’s not start talking about winter yet. I can’t believe we’re already in September. One of the moms at school told me yesterday, ‘only 16 Mondays left til Christmas’. Oh stop it already! Let’s enjoy the seasons while they last, right?

My husband Sig sent me a link from Hoards Dairyman yesterday. Yes, we are former Canadian dairy farmers, and yes, my dear hubby still reads a variety of farm magazines with a passion. You will at any given time find cow, animal nutrition, cropping and yes, manure magazines on our living room table. By the way, if you are on island and would like some ‘light reading’, let us know – I will happily recycle some of the read issues your way.

The article he sent me yesterday was on the 2015 Old Farms Almanac weather forecast for the US. Apparently the forecast for most of the US mainland (with exception of the West Coast) is for ‘another frigid winter.’

Farmer’s Almanac 2015, taken from Hoards Dairyman website

By the way – do you notice any states missing? Yup – Hawaii and Alaska. Alaska – well, we expect it will be cold – I mean, it is Alaska, right? And Hawaii? The climate is so temperate and hardly changes between seasons, so I expect it will be a lot more of the ‘same old same old’ – namely, temps in the low to mid 80s, dropping to around 70 at night. Sigh. I look forward to ‘cooling down’.

Just what you wanted to hear? Welllll….. now would be a great time to book that mid-winter Maui trip to warm up a little. The winter months, particularly Christmas through mid April, are high season months on Maui. Condos are filling up fast, so especially if you aren’t flexible with your dates, it’s a good time to start looking and nail down a condo soon.

On a budget but looking to escape winter? Have a look at the first two weeks of December! Traditionally this is a very slow time of year, and therefore you are looking at LOW SEASON prices. Plus, you are still escaping cold weather back home. So finish your Christmas shopping up early (or do it on Maui) and enjoy a restful Maui break! By the way, yes, we still have December ‘low season’ availability at our Palms at Wailea condo.