Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

There’s no beer in Hawaii!!!

Do you know the German song, ‘Es gibt kein Bier in Hawaii‘ (there is no beer in Hawaii)? Austrian folk music singer Andy Borg sings a great version of it. I get a real kick out of it – because well, I like Austrian folk music and…. there is LOTS of beer in Hawaii! So don’t worry about it!

Check out the first part of the video, and in case you don’t speak German, here is a loose translation of it:
Marianne is my girlfriend,
we’ve been engaged for years.
She would love to have me as her husband
and has threatened to sue for it.
The wedding would have happened long ago
if it weren’t for the honeymoon
because she wants to go to Hawaii
but I just can’t go because…. 
There is no beer in Hawaii, 
there is no beer!
So I’ll never go to Hawaii,
I will stay here.
It is too hot in Hawaii,
no place to cool off
And hula alone won’t quench your thirst.
Still worried despite my claim otherwise? Here is a blog with some of Hawaii’s beers. And yes, you can get many US mainland beers and even some European beers here. You can even buy some of them in bulk at Costco!
You can also celebrate Oktoberfest on Maui! I’ll post info on the various Oktoberfest options once I find it, so check back! Brigit & Bernard’s Garden Cafe in Kahului (Swiss-German restaurant in an industrial part of Kahului) is always a safe bet for Oktoberfest celebrations and good German food!