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Hurricane Ana update and list of closures this weekend

Aloha all, Ana is approaching but her path has been shifting away from Maui County (so thankful!!) and currently the sentiment is, yes, be prepared, but we think it won’t be so bad after all (but this is an ever-changing difficult to predict event, so please stay informed). For more information, check out the MauiNow newspage.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center Oct 17th 5am update

However, as this is an ever-changing weather event, there are a number of closures this weekend (see this list). Most notably beaches – please please please stay out of the ocean Saturday for sure, maybe even Sunday. Even if the weather seems fine, big weather events change currents in the water and have been known to sweep people out to sea. Please do not put other people’s lives (who may need to rescue you) in danger by going out. Additionally, if there is a lot of rain, there will be run-off into the ocean. Run-off attracts little fish which in turn attracts sharks. Best just to stay out.