Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Maui Jims sunglasses

You’ve probably heard of Maui Jim’s sunglasses. They are popular and can be bought both on island and North America-wide.

A few years ago we became the proud owners of someone’s Maui Jims. To this date we can’t figure out who left them on our kitchen counter (in our house, not at a condo), so after a while, Sig adopted them and started wearing them himself. A few months ago they broke.

He’d heard that you could get them repaired at the main store in Lahaina, so today we headed out to find it! Just a note – it’s off the beaten path, two blocks off Front Street. I was impressed to see that across the rounded roof above the entrance it actually says – Maui Jim Building, together with the house number (721).

We went in, and there it was – one wall full of display cases of Maui Jims, while the other wall had displays and a collection bin for the Maui Food Bank. The table in the seating area had no Maui Jims literature, but instead there was a neat stack of handouts with a list of the Maui Food Bank’s most urgently needed food items. Maybe it’s just a food drive, but it made a good first impression.

Sig took his broken Maui Jims to the counter. The bad news – this particular set of glasses is discontinued. However, if he paid $60 and turned the broken frames in, he could choose any Maui Jims from the display case (up to a certain dollar amount). Considering that I didn’t like the old ones to begin with, this was a win-win!

So, to whoever left that pair of Maui Jims on our counter – thank you! And to Maui Jims, thank YOU too.