Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Maui Oma Coffee Company

I love coffee. I grew up in Austria where drinking coffee is a huge part of the culture. Coffee and amazing cakes (‘Kaffee und Kuchen’), might I add. When I find a ‘new to me’ local coffee company, I can’t help myself – I have to try their coffee.

A few weeks ago, I met a friend at Cafe a la Plage, a Kihei internet cafe in Dolphin Plaza. Although I’d walked past it many times, I hadn’t ever gone in. Guess what – they sell Maui Oma Coffee. If you have a hint of German in you, you will know that Oma means Grandma in German. I just had to pick up a bag.
I’ve been enjoying the Maui Oma Coffee house blend the past few days. Yup, this is good coffee. I’m thinking this would make a nice Christmas gift for our kids’ Omas. Where can you get it? Check out Cafe a la Plage in Kihei’s Dolphin Plaza (across from Kamaole I beach, there’s a PizzaHut and also Maui Gelato in this strip mall), or check out their online store.
Mmmmm coffee. So glad it’s coffee time!