Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Driving the Hono’api’ilani Hwy to Lahaina

You may say – the WHAT? hehehe. Yes, the Hawai’ian language can be a little tricky to read, never mind pronounce. If you speak any German, try pronouncing it as you would in German and it will be more or less correct. At least, that’s my trick.

The road (there, that’s easier) from Ma’alaea (Ma-a-lie-a) to Lahaina (La-high-na) is a beautiful one, with gorgeous oceanviews as it winds along the beach around the West Maui Mountains. The speed limits vary, going from 35 mph at the windy parts just past Ma’alaea, the forested part at Olowalu and several intersections, to 45 mph and even 55 mph in some stretches. These 55 mph stretches are exciting for those of us who live here, because this is the fastest you are allowed to go anywhere on Maui. Yes, top speed limit on this island is 55 mph (in a few select areas). Driving on the mainland is culture shock for us as we adjust to the faster speeds.

This Google map shows the Hono’api’ilani Hwy

Unfortunately, the gorgeous scenery and the frequently changing speed limits mean that many miss signs or worse yet, get distracted by the whales and water…. Most of this road is one lane in each direction with hardly a place to pass. This means traffic can back up badly when someone cruises at 35 mph, even worse when there’s an accident.

Please, don’t be that driver! If you notice traffic backing up behind you, pick it up a little (if safe to do so). And please, resist the temptation of staring at the ocean while driving. That just never ends well.

Enjoy the drive! It’s a beautiful one!

traffic backed up under the trees at Olowalu – due to tree pruning (not an absent-minded driver)