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Finally – Mango Blooms in our Yard!

Four years ago we planted a dwarf mango tree. Unfortunately, the dwarf mango tree forgot it was a dwarf mango tree. So after our first crop of amazing mangos (I think we ended up with ten or so), Sig went a little crazy on the pruning. He chopped off half the tree. Well, close.

Last year there was a show-down, and the mango tree showed him who was boss. No mangos, and instead the tree more than doubled in size.

This caused Sig to take it to the next level – threatening to chop down the young tree if there was no fruit this year. His plan would be to replace it with a proper dwarf mango.

Kihei’s neighborhood mango trees have been blooming for the past month, some with fruit forming, and a few others with fruit ripening (they must have bloomed in the fall). I’ve been waiting patiently, reminding myself that two years ago our mango tree bloomed in February, not January.

Guess what I found today? Mango blooms! Maybe the tree is taking Sig’s threat seriously. I’m thrilled! Looks like we’ll have fruit this year!

mango blooms!