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New Maui County Ocean Safety Video

This has been in the works for some time now – and here we have it!

Maui’s Visitor Bureau and the County of Maui have put together a new Ocean Safety Video that will be playing at Kahului Airport OGG. It will also be broadcast on the Channel 7’s Visitor Channel. The Hawaii Tourism Authority supposedly also have a video in the works that will hopefully soon be shown on all flights arriving in Hawaii – I think this is the perfect place to show it! They will have a captive audience!

Ocean Safety? We don’t need to watch a video on ocean safety! Well…. the numbers would indicate otherwise. Every year there are water related fatalities, and if watching a video will help teach people how to stay safe in the water, than that is a great thing! Hopefully you won’t run into problems, but if you do, it’s good to know what to do.

Please, take a few minutes to watch this 5 minute video! It’s a good refresher even for experienced swimmers.